Monday, 16 January 2012

Fabric fabric fabric

I thought I would share with you some of the fabrics I have recently bought.

I've just discovered red rooster fabrics- which are lush!!
The first panel I bought is called winter wonderland.

Unfortunately I haven't decided what to do with it yet. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!

Continuing my love of red rooster fabrics I chose to buy a panel called Buttons and Blooms and matching material. I've already used some of my fabric on a cushion I created. I'm planning on making another cushion and a patchwork throw to match (I'll keep you posted). Here's the material...
I also bought some matching owl fabric- Gorgeous! Got to love Christmas money!
Here's the cushion I made using the fabric....
I used an envelope opening at the back so that the cushion can be taking in and out as you can see at the top of this picture. What do you think?

Keep Crafting
Ashleigh x

Sunday, 15 January 2012


Welcome to my new blog!
With most of the women in my family avid crafters it was inevitable that finally I would follow in their foot steps.
Recently, I've started to turn my hand at a few different crafts- mainly quilting and cross stitch.
I've created this blog to track my projects and to share my ups and downs.

After using my nana's sewing machine for a few months it was pretty clear that I had fallen  for quilting. So for christmas I had a little word with santa investing in my new sewing machine. A Janome. Here it is ....
 Image DetailIf your anything like me having a new gadget to play with is pretty exciting. This sewing machine is awesome I would totally recommend it to any newbe. As a novice I have found this sewing machine easy to use with loads of handy tools to help you out- I especially love the hare to tortoise tool as it stops me from going way too fast when pressing the peddle.

Project 1

This weekend I desided to make the patchwork heart kit I had recently bought.
I've never really been one to follow instructions properly especially when they aren't very clear so I basically chose to attempt this one blind and thankfully the end product was totally worth it.
I cut the heart into 6 parts and straight stitched them together. I then chose to try out a pattern stitch on my janome to make it look a little more profession. A great idea if I do say so myself. So easy to do- set the machine to a pattern stitch and just keep the material straight as it passed through the machine- hey presto a lovely pattern down the seam.
I made the back plain with calico and finished with a button and ribbon.

Til next time: Keep Crafting

Ashleigh x