Sunday, 8 July 2012

Quilt along continued!

I've finished my next 3 blocks this weekend:
As promised here are the photos
Block 2
Block 4
And block 5
Here are all my blocks together!
Miss ashleigh xx

Friday, 6 July 2012

Thank God it's friday!!


I haven't looked forward to Friday as much as I have today, we've had a unexpected visit from OFSTED this week which meant that stress levels went through the roof!!! Happily it's over now and the count down can begin for the summer holidays (10 days!)

This weekend I am looking forward to a fabulous weekend with lots of quilting!! I'm really enjoying the quilt along and want to complete the 2nd, 4th and 5th block this weekend!! Pictures will follow probably on Sunday!

Last night I tried to enter this competition on quilting gallery. Unfortunately I couldn't upload the photo but I've enjoyed looking at the entries today.

This is the quilt I was going to enter- it was my first ever quilt. I made it with the help of my cousin. I made about 15 rows of 10 6x6 squares and backed in a navy blue- turned out pretty good if you ask me!

 till next time- Keep Quilting!

Ashleigh x

Sunday, 24 June 2012

Quilt-a-long =]

I've desided to kick start my summer with the quilting galleries quilt-a-long.

Like always I've started things backwards. I've started the Quilt-along today (3 weeks late) with the 3rd block- time for ice cream

I've chose to make a christmas quilt (I hope I made the right desision) - I haven't seen all the squares yet as they are revealed each week.
I thought this way I could kill 2 birds with one stone- learn different techniques and finally make the christmas quilt I've been wanting to make for ages!!

I've had a real crafty day today and I've also completed block 1- play hopscotch

only one more to do and then I've caught up!! peek over the fence (block 2)- it looks fab!!

On a more personal front- I've now lost 1st 7lbs!! woo!! Andy (@Alfatraining) has been pushing me hard!! I even enjoyed spin class with Nathan Pow!! on friday! You just can't say pow without saying Pow!!

I also made a gorgeous tomato soup today- 2 potatoes, 2 carrots, passata, 750 mls of water, a veg stock cube and some chilli. simmer on the hob for around 25 mins and blend together! easy as pie and tastes sooooo nice! Fresh and healthy- yumyum!

Anyway- till next time: keep crafting!!

Ashleigh xx 

Friday, 1 June 2012

God Save our gracious Queen!

Happy Friday everyone!!!!

Today is definitely a happy Friday: an extra day off school, the beginning of half term holidays and I've finished my patriotic union flag cushion =]

I've had a great couple of weeks since my last blogging. Training has been kicked up a bit and I'm now over a stone down =] Spent my first night of the holidays running tabata on the treadmill, on the spin bike  and doing some circuits - who would have known a month ago I would be able to do this! Thanks to Andy (@Alfatraining) for pushing me to my limit. I'm going for my first spin class tonight and we just know Andy won't go easy on me!!

I've been celebrating the jubilee in style with my school!! We've taught the kids the national anthem and land of hope and glory (sang by the entire school 400+ kids on the field to kick start our Jubilee day). We had talent shows, cake baking competitions, drama performances, a balloon release... the list goes on and on!! Needless to say our kids did the Queen proud and showed great pride in their country.

Continuing my patriotic couple of weeks I have completed my new cushion.

I copied a similar cushion by sass and belle. Using their idea of the adaption of the union flag, but completed measurements and calculations myself to get this end product. I'm pretty proud of it. Like always there are little things that aren't perfect but hey I said I was a beginner!!
This cushion is going to my brother's friends Dave and Helen. Hope they like it!!

Ok till next time- Enjoy your bank holiday weekend and Enjoy half term holiday for those of us who are lucky enough to have one!!

Ashleigh xxx

Back to my Christmas cross stitch me thinks!!

Saturday, 12 May 2012

Go hard or go home!!

Hi everyone,

I haven't had much time to craft lately as I've started my new keeping fit agenda. Which is awesome!! I've hired a personal trainer (Andy) who is AWESOME! I've never worked so hard in my life- I don't remember the last time I ran or sweated as much as I have done during these training sessions.

No more lounging on the relaxing bike watching tele! Hello tabata and interval training OUCH!!! But after just over 2 weeks I've lost 9 and a half pounds- Not bad!!

I'm still working on my jubilee/ union jack themed pillow. I have found some gorgeous fabrics to use and I've completed my calculations - I've even started the cross part although after pinning on the wrong side I need to unpick a little OOPPS!

Till next time

Ashleigh x

Friday, 20 April 2012

I can't wait for the weekend to begin!

I'M BACK!!!!!

Friday night blogging has began again after my Easter break to Florida on vacation- my second home. I had a fun packed weekend escaping  dinosaurs, a fight with dementors and comic villains. Just a normal day at Islands of adventure- I was SOOO lucky- should have put the lottery on!
I've been to see a magics game, been to sea world, visited America's best natural beach, etc etc.

But no rest for the wicked - after arriving home on Sunday at 5pm I then had to get up for an early start back at school on Monday morning! Despite being a little tired I have had a good week although no time for crafting. BUT..... I do have purchases to share!!! :-)

First my pastel collection....

My fat quarter pack has floral, polka dot and striped prints.

Here is my selection of miscellaneous materials.

Heidi Grace material in the middle, and the two fabrics on either side cost $2 each for a yard!! Got to love America!

Here are my gingham materials....

and finally my Christmas materials....

Thank you JoAnns and Wal-Mart for having awesome fabrics for awesome prices- can't wait to visit soon.

Till next time- Keep Crafting!!!
I'm planning on making a union jack cushion this weekend- I will keep you posted!!
Ashleigh xxx

Friday, 23 March 2012

Friday blogs

Happy friday everybody...
my friday blogs are becoming a little bit of a ritual. I wish I had something fabulous to share but the truth is I haven't done any quilting this week. I haven't really done any cross stitch- I've done a little on my christmas sampler adding a few gingerbread men.

Trip down memory lane.....

Since I haven't made anything new I thought I would share my first ever project. A cushion I made for my head teacher at school. I placed a x stitch in the middle and with the help of my fabulous cousin we managed to make this gorgeous cushion.

I'm planning on crafting tomorrow or sunday- maybe both! so I will hopefully have new projects to share soon- can't wait!!

Till next time: Keep crafting
                                                                 Ashleigh xx