Friday, 1 June 2012

God Save our gracious Queen!

Happy Friday everyone!!!!

Today is definitely a happy Friday: an extra day off school, the beginning of half term holidays and I've finished my patriotic union flag cushion =]

I've had a great couple of weeks since my last blogging. Training has been kicked up a bit and I'm now over a stone down =] Spent my first night of the holidays running tabata on the treadmill, on the spin bike  and doing some circuits - who would have known a month ago I would be able to do this! Thanks to Andy (@Alfatraining) for pushing me to my limit. I'm going for my first spin class tonight and we just know Andy won't go easy on me!!

I've been celebrating the jubilee in style with my school!! We've taught the kids the national anthem and land of hope and glory (sang by the entire school 400+ kids on the field to kick start our Jubilee day). We had talent shows, cake baking competitions, drama performances, a balloon release... the list goes on and on!! Needless to say our kids did the Queen proud and showed great pride in their country.

Continuing my patriotic couple of weeks I have completed my new cushion.

I copied a similar cushion by sass and belle. Using their idea of the adaption of the union flag, but completed measurements and calculations myself to get this end product. I'm pretty proud of it. Like always there are little things that aren't perfect but hey I said I was a beginner!!
This cushion is going to my brother's friends Dave and Helen. Hope they like it!!

Ok till next time- Enjoy your bank holiday weekend and Enjoy half term holiday for those of us who are lucky enough to have one!!

Ashleigh xxx

Back to my Christmas cross stitch me thinks!!

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