Sunday, 24 June 2012

Quilt-a-long =]

I've desided to kick start my summer with the quilting galleries quilt-a-long.

Like always I've started things backwards. I've started the Quilt-along today (3 weeks late) with the 3rd block- time for ice cream

I've chose to make a christmas quilt (I hope I made the right desision) - I haven't seen all the squares yet as they are revealed each week.
I thought this way I could kill 2 birds with one stone- learn different techniques and finally make the christmas quilt I've been wanting to make for ages!!

I've had a real crafty day today and I've also completed block 1- play hopscotch

only one more to do and then I've caught up!! peek over the fence (block 2)- it looks fab!!

On a more personal front- I've now lost 1st 7lbs!! woo!! Andy (@Alfatraining) has been pushing me hard!! I even enjoyed spin class with Nathan Pow!! on friday! You just can't say pow without saying Pow!!

I also made a gorgeous tomato soup today- 2 potatoes, 2 carrots, passata, 750 mls of water, a veg stock cube and some chilli. simmer on the hob for around 25 mins and blend together! easy as pie and tastes sooooo nice! Fresh and healthy- yumyum!

Anyway- till next time: keep crafting!!

Ashleigh xx 

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