Friday, 20 April 2012

I can't wait for the weekend to begin!

I'M BACK!!!!!

Friday night blogging has began again after my Easter break to Florida on vacation- my second home. I had a fun packed weekend escaping  dinosaurs, a fight with dementors and comic villains. Just a normal day at Islands of adventure- I was SOOO lucky- should have put the lottery on!
I've been to see a magics game, been to sea world, visited America's best natural beach, etc etc.

But no rest for the wicked - after arriving home on Sunday at 5pm I then had to get up for an early start back at school on Monday morning! Despite being a little tired I have had a good week although no time for crafting. BUT..... I do have purchases to share!!! :-)

First my pastel collection....

My fat quarter pack has floral, polka dot and striped prints.

Here is my selection of miscellaneous materials.

Heidi Grace material in the middle, and the two fabrics on either side cost $2 each for a yard!! Got to love America!

Here are my gingham materials....

and finally my Christmas materials....

Thank you JoAnns and Wal-Mart for having awesome fabrics for awesome prices- can't wait to visit soon.

Till next time- Keep Crafting!!!
I'm planning on making a union jack cushion this weekend- I will keep you posted!!
Ashleigh xxx

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