Sunday, 12 February 2012

A beginner attempts Cath Kitson!

Todays project was the free project kit from Cath Kitson's book Patch.
I'm sooo proud I managed to complete the tote bag and it looks soo pretty.

I found the pattern really hard to follow as a beginner I didn't understand some of the technical terms such as a slip stitch but I perservered making a few changes along the way e.g. i straight stitched the patches together using my sewing machine instead of using a slip stitch and I blanket stitched the pattern onto the bag.

I love my new blanket stitch mode on my sewing machine!

Its not perfect but I love it- Here's the finished product.

I'm now looking forward to a week off school with lots of crafting!
Till next time: Keep Crafting.

Ashleigh x

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