Friday, 2 March 2012

A work in progress

Happy Friday!!! and Happy Birthday to the gorgeous Miss Mattea!!!

Omg I don't think I've ever been any happy that it's friday afternoon!! This week has been go go go- poorly school kids, lots of chicken pox and a world book day dressed as where's wally to name just a few things.
I could write a comedy with the events of this week alone!

Anyway back to crafting!!  Here is my latest work in progress.....

I used my buttons and bloom panel and built my own quilt around it using long panels and key squares. I made up my own quilt design and this has worked out ok. I think I should have created a whole gigham border. I then created a squared border which isn't perfectly measured as you can see by the pictures

You live and You learn

But I still can't wait to see it finished I need to complete the back and attach. Then I will need another pillow and I will place my whole buttons in bloom set together on the couch!! Can't wait to see it all finished!

What to do  for my next project????

Till next time: Keep Crafting

Ashleigh x

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